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KuzSTU (Kuzbass State Technical University)

Training courses

"1C: Enterprise 7.7 Financial accounting, 1C programming" in "Russian State University of trade and Economics"

Computer skills

CAD: AutoCAD, ArhiCAD, Kompas, Mechanical Desktop, Ansys, Inventor, SCADA: RockwelSoftware, LabView; 1C-Developer, OWL, RDF, Expert systems, Systems of automation of business processes (1C, ERP, SAS); RS232, OPC, TCP/IP, Client/Server and other technology.

Programming languages

Delphi, C, C++, C#, Java, Go.

Foreign languages

English (basic)

Professional experience

Current work

Previous work

Previous work

Previous work

Previous work


Computers, new technology, automation, computerization, cars, etc.

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